SecuCare Anti-slip Tile Spray


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  • Reduces the risk of slipping in damp environments, such as showers and/or bathrooms
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use i Made especially for heavy-duty use
SecuCare Anti-slip Tile Spray
SecuCare Anti-slip Tile Spray
SecuCare Anti-slip Tile Spray
SecuCare Anti-slip Tile Spray
SecuCare Anti-slip Tile Spray

SecuCare’s Anti-slip Tile Spray reduces the risk of slipping and is very suitable for shower floors. Revolutionary product that invisibly makes every ceramic tile floor truly anti-slip for at least 5 years immediately after application. Anti-slip tile spray can be used indoors and outdoors and contains titanium flakes for a grippy finish.
Easy to apply in three simple steps: clean & dry the floor - spray - wipe with a wet cloth and you're done. You can immediately start walking on your newly non-slip floor.
Comes in a handy spray bottle. Our tile spray contains no hazardous solvents or toxic chemicals and is fully biodegradable. You can safely walk on treated ceramic tiles with bare feet
- Especially made for heavy-duty use
- Suitable for all types of ceramic tiles (not for stone tiles)
- Only works when the floor is wet
- Tiles can be cleaned normally
- A light haze may appear on very dark floors
- Guarantee: 5 years


  • Very safe, high-quality grippy finish thanks to titanium vlakes
  • Contains no hazardous solvents or toxic chemicals; completely biodegradable
  • Does not harm ceramic tiles and is practically invisible
  • Easy to apply and starts working immediately
  • Suitable for bare feet
  • Easy to clean


Article number: 8040.500.01

EAN: 8714199512511

Contents: 100 ml

Coverage area: 1 - 2 m2

Anti-slip: yes

Colour: clear

Frequency of use: suitable for heavy-duty use

Material: other

Quantity: 1

Warranty: 5 years

Weather resistance: yes

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