Bathroom aids

Enjoy a safe bathroom

Prevent slipping

Most bathrooms are not particularly big and have hard, slippery tile floors. Add the fact that they’re often wet, and you end up with a significant risk of falling and slipping. As a result, slips and falls are as common as they are serious. Fortunately, there are all kinds of simple solutions that will help you prevent potentially fatal slips and falls in the bathroom.

Anti-slip spray

Prevent slips in the bathroom with our revolutionary anti-slip spray. Simply apply this entirely clear and invisible spray to your tiles. 

After a few minutes, you’ll be able to walk on your non-slip floor. Thanks to special titanium flakes, the spray will add extra traction right away. 

You can clean your floor with your cleaning agent of choice without affecting the anti-slip layer. Works for about 5 years. The perfect solution for every slippery floor!

Anti-slip stickers

Our anti-slip stickers are also a great option: they provide extra traction but you can still walk on them with bare feet. Simply stick our anti-slip stickers on your bathroom floor or in the bathtub to prevent ugly falls.

Available in round and rectangular strips and suitable for intensive use.

Grab bars

For comfort and added safety, grab bars in the bathroom are a real must have. 

Our angled 45° grab bars were designed especially for the bathtub. They provide both horizontal and diagonal support, making it a lot easier to get in and out of the bath.  

Bath step

A bath step will also help you get in and out of the bath safely and comfortable by bridging the gap you have to cross when getting in and out of the bath. 

The bath step has a non-slip coating, so you won't slip. 

Bath mat

Our anti-slip bath mat features anti-slip ridges at the top to stop you from slipping. There are also suction cups on the base of the mat to stop it for slipping, making it ideal for in the bathtub itself or even on the bathroom floor. 

Made of 100% natural rubber. 

Feel safe and secure in the knowledge that slipping will be almost impossible!