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SecuCare is happy to help you

We are proud to be known as a strongly customer-oriented company.

Always feel safe – that’s our motto!

This applies to the end user, but also to you as a prescriber, installer, retailer, purchaser or consultant. If you work with SecuCare products, you can completely trust the quality, service and support.

SecuCare – Who are we?

SecuCare is Secu’s range of care products. Secu is responding to the changes in healthcare with a range of products that is both functional and has an attractive design. 

Designed for today’s senior citizens, who demand comfort, convenience, quality and design. The products are widely applicable: from residential houses to care institutions and non-residential buildings. 

POS Material and explanation of Shop Concepts

Point of Sale materials

Explaining a product based on its packaging is difficult. Nothing works better than something tangible. 

Therefore, SecuCare has developed a number of Point of Sale tools that help to better sell its products.

Shop concepts

A strong shop presentation boosts sales tremendously. With the knowledge that Secu has built up over the years, we have developed 2 standard shop concepts on 1 and 2 metre walls. 

Depending on the space, you can install one of these concepts quickly and easily. If you have specific wishes, we would be happy to think along with you about a tailor-made solution. 

The conceptual presentation of products works! More and more retail chains and retailers are discovering this.

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Training and workshops

SecuCare has an tremendous amount of experience and knowledge in the field of living safely at home for longer and care products.

We would like to share that knowledge with you. We can work with you to organise training for your company and/or team.

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What products and services do we offer?

Grab Bars

SecuCare grab bars prevent accidents and provide extra support in and around the house and in wet situations in the bathroom. 

Additional stability and grip make it safer and more comfortable to live independently at home.

Threshold ramps

If you are no longer able to walk or have a walker, crossing any threshold is a problem. Every house has thresholds, outside and/or inside. A threshold of just a few millimetres can be an obstacle. 

Fortunately, SecuCare has various types of solutions to ensure that you can cross the threshold safely and comfortably!

Bathroom seats 

and steps

In many cases, bathrooms are not very spacious and have smooth and hard tiles. Because bathrooms are damp, the danger of falling and slipping is very great. Most people slip, with all the consequences this entails. 

Fortunately, there are many simple solutions to prevent slips and life-threatening falls in the bathroom. In addition, a bathroom chair offers extra comfort when you cannot stand on your feet for long or feel insecure in the bathroom.


Prevent slipping in the bathroom. Use the revolutionary anti-slip spray. You apply this spray to ceramic tiles. The spray is completely transparent and thus invisible. 

SecuCare also has anti-slip stickers to prevent a nasty fall in the bathroom.

For slippery stairs, SecuCare also has various anti-slip stickers. This makes your stairs much safer. 

Other SecuCare products

At night, your visibility is reduced but you don’t want to fall. Glow-in-the-dark safety stickers are a good solution for illuminating grab bars, locks, light switches or other places in the dark.

For seniors who have a bit more trouble walking or are in a wheelchair, SecuCare has a door slot post catcher. As a result, you will never have to bend down at the letterbox again. 

SecuCare Junior

SecuCare offers a complete range of products, with solutions for every danger in the house. Examples include safety hooks for cabinets and drawers, plug socket covers and magnetic locks.

A safe idea to buy or give away as a gift to a family member with young children.

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Download all SecuCare product photos and atmospheric images

To promote the SecuCare range in the most attractive way possible, we regularly invest in new photo shoots and good commercial product descriptions and complete product information.

In our online image bank, you can find the latest product photos and atmospheric images. You can then download these photos and images immediately and use them to promote SecuCare through your own marketing channels. 

We work together with: GS1, EZ-Base and IJzersterk.

New: Blackline product range

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