Child safety

Prevent accidents at home

Accidents happen

SecuCare is not just for the elderly: we also care for your little ones. Simply put, accidents happen, and they can happen all around the house.

Every year, thousands of children are injured at home, because of causes varying from entrapment, electrocution and poisoning to falls and burns.

Many of these accidents can be easily prevented with SecuCare products that have been specially developed for this purpose.

Accidents in the kitchen

Children often sustain burns in the kitchen, for example if a pan falls from the hob or counter while you’re cooking.

However, there are plenty of other sources of danger in the kitchen too, because young children are very curious and love exploring. They’re completely unaware of all the dangers around them and won’t hesitate to put anything in their mouth.  

Prevent accidents. Make sure that your children can’t open or climb on kitchen cupboards. Make your kitchen safe. 

Entrapment and entanglement

Dangling curtain cords can be very dangerous for young children, because they can get all tangled up in them and, in the worst case scenario, even strangle themselves!

Position your furniture to keep your curtain cords out of reach of children or use a cord winder. 

Toppling TVs

TVs are getting bigger and bigger these days. Have you ever considered how heavy and dangerous they can be for children? 

What if your monster TV were to fall on a child? What a horrible, dangerous thought!

Finger jams

Jamming your finger is incredibly painful. It happens in a split second and there’s nothing you can do about it. Or is there?

Our door stopper will stop little ones from getting their fingers caught when the door closes.

Safe sockets

By securing electrical sockets, you prevent children from prying their fingers into them. You don’t have to secure the entire house, of course. 

It’s best to protect sockets in areas where children spend a lot of time or sockets that children can access easily, such as in the living room and bedroom.

You should also protect all sockets lower than one and a half metres from the floor. SecuCare’s socket protectors will protect your child and are easy to attach.