Stumbling over the doorstep

Fall-prevention solutions

No more dangerous doorsteps

If you’re still fit and mobile, you wouldn’t think twice about a doorstep. For hundreds of thousands of people, however, things aren’t that easy. 

Some suffer from ailments or impairments that impact on their ability to walk, with yet others recovering from surgery. 

Either way, you want to create a safe environment for yourself or for your parents. Without any dangerous doorsteps. So, what can you do? Here are some of your options: 

Modular ramp 

Our modular ramps consists of various separate plastic modules that you can put together like Lego, and these modules feature integrated anti-slip studs, which make slipping virtually impossible. 

Our ramp can be secured to the floor or doorstep with the stickers and screws supplied. Ideal for both exterior and interior doors. 

Aluminium ramp

Our aluminium threshold ramps are robust and require no assembly at all. All you need to secure your ramp of choice is a set of screws. Highly suitable for thresholds of various heights.  

It’s also a great solution if you still have good mobility, because it’s an ideal way to get heavy objects, such as motorcycles, e-bikes, bikes and wheelbarrows in and out of your shed.

Threshold replacement strips

Looking for an alternative for interior doorsteps? Look no further than our threshold strips! Simply remove the doorstep and replace it with our threshold strip, which is held snugly in place by screws. These strips come in bronze and aluminium finishes and are 95 cm long and easy to shorten. 

Ramp bridges

Ramp bridges are another excellent option. They are great as a temporary solution and fit right over your doorstep. 

They do stop the door from closing, so they have to be removed after each use. However, because they can fit over any doorstep as is, they’re ideal for on holiday or when visiting friends and family.