Getting up safely

No more falls 

Plopping down 

Getting up or sitting or lying down can be difficult at times.

Fortunately, there are lots of helpful tools that can make life easier for you, so you won’t have to ‘plop down’ on your chair, sofa or bed anymore and won’t have to struggle to get up!

Hold on!

Install grab bars next to your favourite chair to make it easier to sit down and get up. Grab bars are also very helpful next to the bed, allowing you to get into bed comfortably at night and get back up independently in the morning.

Grab bars come in all kinds of materials, colours and price ranges.

Bed and Furniture risers

Bed and furniture risers make it easier to sit down on your sofa or climb into bed, for instance. These risers are big plastic feet that fit snugly under your chair or sofa. 

No assembly needed. With these risers, you can easily raise your chair or sofa by 8, 13 or even 21 cm. A solution for anyone who has trouble sitting down and getting up.