About SecuCare  
Safe living for Juniors and Seniors 

SecuCare is Secu’s range of care aids, responding to changes in the healthcare sector with a range of products that both look good and work well. Designed for today’s senior citizens, who set high standards for comfort, convenience, quality and design. Our products are highly versatile and suitable for wide-ranging applications, from residential homes to healthcare institutions and non-residential buildings. 

Quality over everything 
All products for senior citizens are produced in Europe, and our core products are even developed and produced in the Netherlands. We put quality first in everything we do, which is why all our products have a quality guarantee of 2 to 5 years. Wherever possible, we have our products independently tested and approved, so our aluminium grab bars, for instance, comply with all relevant medical guidelines and standards. Furthermore, all our products are tested on durability, ease of use, usage outdoors and in wet conditions, and maximum load. All to make you feel safer! SecuCare Junior products comply with all international safety requirements. 
Secu is affiliated with SKG, an independent inspection body that not only tests for strength and long-term quality, but also periodically checks whether the products are still produced in accordance with all applicable standards and whether there is an adequate complaints procedure. 
If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of one of our products, we will send you a replacement product or give you a complete refund. To arrange this, please get in touch.  

SecuCare products are sold at hundreds of outlets, so you’ll always find us nearby. Click here for a list of outlets. Most dealers can also assemble the products for you! You can also easily order SecuCare products online from well-known online retailers.  

Important industry award
In its very first year, SecuCare won De Gouden Spijker (The Golden Nail), a major industry award presented by trade magazine MIX. An industry-wide jury assessed and judged the various cases and awarded the best entries in various categories. SecuCare stands out thanks to its fresh new approach to healthcare products, reflected in its smart, uniquely innovative and beautiful products. SecuCare products are perfect for elderly people but are also very suitable for people with a physical disability or people going through rehabilitation.

SecuCare is a SecuProducts BV (Secu) brand. Secu is a typically Dutch family business, has been around since 1987 and is the market leader in the field of safety and security products for the DIY, construction and care sectors in the Netherlands and abroad. Check out our other websites for more information: www.secu.nl and www.secupost.nl