Toilet aids

Comfortable bathroom breaks

Prevent slips & falls

Toilets are often quite low and sitting down can be a mighty struggle. Besides, it can also be difficult to get back up again. 

Fortunately, there are simple tools to make your bathroom breaks a lot more comfortable. 

Raised toilet seats 

Raised toilet seats make your toilet just that little bit more comfortable, as you will not have to bend down as much to sit and getting up will be a lot easier.

You can easily fasten the raised seat to your toilet with the included clamps. 

Planning to go on holiday? No problem. You can take the seat with you, because it’s easy to detach! 

Toilet risers

Toilet risers are an ideal solution if you need a little support when sitting down and standing up. Folding them down next to the toilet makes standing up and sitting down a lot easier, more comfortable and safer. 

These sturdy metal risers are fastened to the rear wall using large screws. If you have a freestanding toilet, we recommend installing toilet risers on both sides.

Grab bars

Wall brackets are also an option. These handles provide added stability and independence, helping you feel safe in your own home!

Safe at night

Did you know that it is very common for people to fall when they go to the toilet at night? This is often the result of poor lighting, sleeping aids, or not wearing glasses and/or using a cane.

Prevent trips and falls at night.