In and around the house

Outdoor solutions

Enjoy comfortable outside living

Apart from in your home, you can also get into nasty falls at your front door, in the garden or in your garage. Prevent accidents in the future and create a safe environment wherever you go! 

SecuCare has all kinds of practical solutions to help you. 


Anti-slip at your front door

Prevent falls at your front door and/or on your patio with our Anti-slip sticker rolls. This is a wide anti-slip sticker with a coarse, high-quality anti-slip texture, making it very safe. 

Our anti-slip sticker rolls in come in four version. The Glow in the dark version provides extra visibility and security during the day and at night.

A solution for every threshold

Quickly grabbing your lawnmower, bike or motorbike can be difficult at times, and shed thresholds can be a real obstacle. 

If you’ve experienced this before, why not think about a modular ramp? They’re suitable for outdoor use and come in various different heights, so you can pick one that’s right for your threshold. We’ve figured out lots of ways to secure our ramps, for your convenience!

Aluminium ramp 

Our aluminium ramps are perfect for outdoor use. Our small, Portable version is ideal for sheds and make it a lot easier to get to your motorbike, bike or wheelbarrow. 

The Heavy Duty version can handle loads up to 300kg, making it very suitable for heavy mobility scooters. 

Front door grab bar

Mount a grab bar outside by your front door for a little extra support when leaving or entering your home.