Hallway, front door and entrance

Make it safe

Living at home longer

You want to continue enjoying your comfortable home for as long as possible, so why not start by making your hallway as safe as possible? After all, you use it every day and it’s home to a wide range of different risks, like tripping over doorsteps, slipping, bending over to pick up the mail and so on.

SecurCare has all the practical solutions you need to make your home safer! 

Front door thresholds

Front doors can have high thresholds. Some may have a high saddle or even a little staircase. The last thing you want is to trip and break a leg.

Fortunately, we’ve got just what you need: a modular threshold ramp. This system consists of various separate plastic modules that you can put together like Lego, allowing you to safely enter your own home!

Aluminium threshold ramp 

Our aluminium threshold ramps are robust and require no assembly at all. All you need to mount your ramp of choice is a set of screws. Highly suitable for thresholds of various heights.

No more stooping down to pick up the mail 

With our mail catcher, stooping down to pick up the mail will quickly be a thing of the past! It’s the ideal solution if you have trouble walking or are wheelchair-bound.

Our mail catcher comes with a plastic letter plate equipped with draught excluder brushes, keeping your home nice and warm. When you’re on holiday, you can set your mail catcher to ‘holiday’ to allow it hold more mail. Simple!

Night vision

What if you could always find your light switches and your front door lock, even in the dark? With our ‘glow in the dark sticker’, you’ll be able to see more and easily find your locks when you’re locking up for the night.

These stickers charge during the day and emit light at night thanks to a high-quality glow in the dark coating. How convenient is that!

Dangerous stairs

You’ll often find a staircase in hallways, and stairs can be rather treacherous. You might slip on the steps, for instance, without having a safe support to hold on to. 

Check out our fall prevention solutions.

Lots of doors, lots of thresholds   

From the toilet door to the living room door, chances are that your hallways is full of them!

And with all those wretched thresholds, a stumble is never far away. Fortunately, you’ll never have to worry about tripping again with our threshold strips.

Slippery when wet

When it’s raining outside, your hallway can easily get wet when you enter your home. 

If you have ceramic tiles in your hallway and want to avoid slipping, our anti-slip spray is just what you need. Simply give your tiles a good spray every five years and you’re good to go.