SecuCare Anti-slip caps for the modular ramp


Price is incl. TAX, €12,36 excl. TAX.

  • To be used after adjusting the height of a standard ramp set
  • Grippier than the standard filler cap
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

You can adjust the height of the modular ramp by cutting the top tile to size. However, seeing as the tile will no longer cover all holes after it is cut, it is best to cover the resulting holes with these caps to stop dirt from accumulating. You can choose between our standard filler cap or, for a grippier finish, our anti-slip cap.


  • Part for the modular ramp
  • Flexible: suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Our modular ramp is height-adjustable in fixed increments
  • Modular: individual parts, easy to assemble
  • Light and strong: made of hard-wearing and UV-resistant plastic
  • Sustainable: 95% recyclable and low-maintenance
  • Meets all relevant requirements
  • Neutral colour and design: fits anywhere


Article number: 8025.010.01

EAN: 8714199507791

depth: 8 mm

length: 40 mm

width: 40 mm

Anti-slip: yes

Colour: grey/brown

Frequency of use: suitable for everyday use

Material: plastic

Mounting material included: no

Quantity: 14

Warranty: 5 years

Weather resistance: yes

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