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Staircase & Landing
Preventing dangerous situations

Staircase safety
It’s a nightmare scenario: Stumbling on the stairs and falling all the way down. You might even end up with a broken leg. To stay safe, make sure that all your stairs inside and outside have a handrail and use it at all times. Sometimes, inside stairs are upholstered with stair runners. It’s best to remove them if possible.
You can also prevent falls and other accidents by using aluminium stair treads, anti-slip stickers and grab bars.

Anti-slip stickers
Our rectangular stickers come in four colours. They’re very easy to apply: simply degrease the steps, apply the stickers and you’re done.
We also sell 3-metre sticker rolls, which are wider, coarser and therefore even safer. For excellent visibility in the dark, choose our integrated Glow in the Dark strip, allowing you to clearly see every step, even at night. Our anti-slip sticker rolls are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Because these stickers have a slightly coarser texture, we do not recommend walking on them with bare feet.
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Anti-slip stair tread
Our stair treads made of anodised aluminium feature an integrated anti-slip layer and are a great solution for your staircase.
They’re 75 cm wide and can easily be cut to size to fit your stairs perfectly. It is best to fit these treads to each and every step. If necessary, only fit them to the first and last step, because these are the most dangerous ones. The treads can easily be glued in place or secured with double-sided tape or screws. Our aluminium stair treads are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
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Grab bars
For extra safety, why not install grab bars at the top and bottom of the stairs too. If you do, it’s best to pick the longer, 60cm version, because you’ll be able to hold on to the grab bar from each and every step.
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