Shower aids
Safety & comfort in the shower

Prevent slipping
Showers can be dangerously slippery. And slips and falls are as common as they are serious. Fortunately, there are all kinds of simple solutions that will help you prevent potentially fatal falls.

Free-standing shower seats
Do you find it difficult to stand up in the shower because you get tired or have an injury? Treat yourself to the comfort of a shower seat from SecuCare.
We have a large range of seats and stools, so we have the right solution for every situation and every budget!
To find the right shower seat for you, you will have to determine how much support you need first.
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Wall-mounted shower seats
Do you have a small bathroom? In that case, a folding shower seat is a great option! Simply fold it up when you don’t need it to save some extra space.
Our wall-mounted shower seats can easily be attached to the wall with a set of screws. However, it is important that the wall is sturdy enough to support your weight, so you should check this carefully in advance.
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Grab bars
For comfort and added safety, grab bars in the bathroom are a real must have. Simply mount them to your bathroom wall to safely dry off after showering.
Our 90° angled grab bars are ideal for some extra support in the shower.
Shower grab bars

Our anti-slip stickers and anti-slip spray can reduce the chances of a fall.
Our anti-slip stickers provide extra traction but you can still walk on them with bare feet. Our anti-slip spray is revolutionary: simply spray it on your ceramic tiles to enjoy a non-slip floor for 5 whole years.
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Shower Mat
Our anti-slip shower mats feature anti-slip ridges and suction cups at the bottom and are made of 100% natural rubber.
You’ll feel safer than ever with SecuCare’s anti-slip shower mats, secure in the knowledge that slipping will be almost impossible!
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