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Safe showering with free-standing shower chairs

Prevent slips and falls
Many accidents happen in the shower. That’s unsurprising, because these places can be dangerously slippery. As a result, slips and falls are as common as they are serious. Fortunately, there are all kinds of simple solutions that will help you prevent potentially fatal slips and falls in the bathroom, Such as a free-standing shower chair.

Free-standing shower chairs
Do your customers struggle to stand upright for long periods of time while showering? Taking a standing shower is certainly not always easy.
Why not point out our comfortable SecuCare shower chairs. We have a large range of seats and stools, So there’s guaranteed to be a perfect solution for each situation and budget!
To find the right shower seat for you, you will have to determine how much support you need first.
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Prevents slips in the shower caused by fatigue or pain.
Ideal for showers where wall-mounted options are not possible or not permitted (rental housing).
Our shower chairs are very portable to help you get dressed and dry off.
Enjoy a warm, carefree shower.

Other tips to prevent slipping in the shower
TIP 1: To prevent slipping in the shower, we also recommend the SecuCare anti-slip tile spray and handy anti-slip stickers.
TIP 2: An anti-slip shower mat! It has anti-slip ridges and suction cups at the bottom.
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NEW: The SecuCare Quattro Shower Chair with hygiene cutout, backrest and armrests
This shower chair has a hygiene cutout that can be positioned at the front or back of the chair. The backrest provides comfort when showering and the armrests give support when sitting down and getting back up. Hygiene, safety and comfort, as well as excellent value for money.

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