Living room, bedroom and kitchen
Safety all around the house

Prevent slips and trips
There are lots of unsafe spots and situations requiring a bit of extra comfort and security in the living room, bathroom and especially the kitchen.
SecuCare has all the practical solutions you need to make your home safer!
Stumbling over the doorstep
If you are no longer as mobile as you once were or have a walker, crossing every doorstep becomes a problem. Even if they’re only a few millimetres high, they can be an obstacle to reckon with.
In almost every older home out there, the interior doors all have doorsteps, as do front doors and back doors. The last thing you want is to stumble and break your leg while trying to cross a high doorstep! Fortunately, SecuCare has lots of solutions to help you navigate doorsteps safely and comfortably.
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Getting up safely
Getting up or sitting or lying down can be difficult at times. Fortunately, there are lots of helpful tools, so you won’t have to ‘plop down’ on your chair, sofa or bed anymore and won’t have to struggle to get up!
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Stumbles in the dark
Good lighting is very important, as it helps you see exactly what you’re doing and greatly reduces the chance of getting into an accident.
However, you don’t want to waste energy by leaving your lights on all night.
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Child safety
SecuCare is not just for the elderly: we also care for your little ones. Simply put, accidents happen, and they can happen all around the house.
Every year, thousands of children are injured at home, because of causes varying from entrapment, electrocution and poisoning to falls and burns.
Many of these accidents can be easily prevented with SecuCare products that have been specially developed for this purpose.
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SecuCare Glow in the dark stickers
Self-adhesive, easy to apply

SecuCare Socket protector
Suitable for all Dutch sockets

SecuCare Bed and Furniture riser
Get up from your bed, chair or sofa more easily