Prevents slipping!

A revolution in eliminating bathroom slips 

Want a non-slip bathroom floor with real traction for your parents? It’s never been easier with SecuCare’s revolutionary anti-slip spray! 

The spray is completely transparent, works on any ceramic (fired) tile and comes with a 5-year quality guarantee. The spray will make your surfaces non-slip for a minimum of 5 years, after which the treatment can be reapeated. 

A non-slip bathroom floor is also a great way to prevent children from slipping. 


Applying an anti-slip coating to floors has never been easier: 

Step 1: clean the floor 

Step 2: shake the spray for 3 minutes 

Step 3: spray the floor with the SecuCare anti-slip spray 

Step 4: after 3 mintues, rinse the floor with water 

You now have a non-slip floor that can be walked on right away!